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The population of this parish is 1174. It ranks 6462 out of 12507, where 1 is the most deprived parish.

This means that the parish is around average on the deprivation scale for parishes in the country.

Overall deprivation


Child Poverty

Working-age Poverty

Pensioner poverty

Life expectancy

Life expectancy (boys)

Life expectancy (girls)


No Qualifications

Social Housing

Lone Parenthood

People living on their own

Older Population

Ethnic Diversity


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Parish Data

Percentages and ranks Least in Country Least in Diocese This parish Most in Diocese Most in Country
Child Poverty 1% 2.4% 16.7%
Ranked 3128/12507
48% 64.1%
Pensioner Poverty 2.3% 3% 11.7%
Ranked 5171/12507
49% 70.8%
Working age poverty 0.7% 2.6% 8%
Ranked 5447/12507
29.7% 49.8705882%
Years Highest in Country Highest in Diocese This parish Lowest in Diocese Lowest in Country
Life expectancy (boys) 93yrs 85yrs 80.943yrs75yrs 67.52595yrs
Life expectancy (girls) 95yrs 92yrs 82.475yrs78yrs 75yrs
Percentages Least in Country Least in Diocese This parish Most in Diocese Most in Country
No qualifications 0.3% 9.1% 19.4%44.8% 53.1%
Social housing 0% 0.6% 11%49.9% 86.3%
Lone parenthood 0% 5.4% 15.6%44% 58.7%
People living on their own 5.4% 9.5% 23.2%47.9% 73.8%
Older population 0.5% 4% 20.5%42.8% 58.9%
Ethnic diversity 0.5% 1.4% 3.6%95.3% 96.6%

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