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    Unlocking the gift of hope in our communities.

    As President of the Just Finance Foundation, I am pleased to….

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  • It's The Relationship, Stupid!

    One of the things that strikes people as most shocking when they are new to the consumer debt field is that 5 in 6 people who are over-indebted and struggling to make repayments do not get help. Read more

  • Building the next generation of savers

    Read about the work at the amazing Worksop Priory, a part of the LifeSavers programme. Read more

  • Hayley's Story

    Hayley shares her journey from despair to hope after she made contact with St Andrews Community Project in Liverpool. Read more

  • Helping people out of crisis

    Find out how your donations are helping the Just Finance Network make finance fair for all of us. Read more