Mustard Seed Appeal

About Us


    The Archbishop of Canterbury's Mustard Seed Appeal was born out of his desire to see a fair, just and equitable banking system in this country that works for all sectors of society, but particularly those who are vulnerable and disenfranchised from mainstream banking services.

    The Archbishop himself made a gift to kickstart the appeal in 2016, and since then churches, individual donors and trusts have helped to raise essential funds for the Just Finance Foundation.

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Stories and more

  • Butter Pans and Pancakes made from Potatoes

    This series of blogs explore how ordinary people learn and apply lessons of financial capability in their everyday lives. Read more

  • What sort of financial personality do I want to be?

    Financial capability, (also known as financial literacy or financial education), focuses on the knowledge and skills required to make effective and informed money management decisions. Read more

  • Bank of England sees LifeSavers in action

    Andy Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England spent a day at Church of England Primary School. Andy spent time with Year 5 and 6 pupils in charge of the LifeSavers programme. LifeSavers is designed to help children manage money wisely. The Mustard Seed Appeal supports such programmes to promote a fair financial future for all. Read more

  • It's The Relationship, Stupid!

    One of the things that strikes people as most shocking when they are new to the consumer debt field is that 5 in 6 people who are over-indebted and struggling to make repayments do not get help. Read more