Together Southwark is a joint venture between the Anglican Diocese of Southwark and CUF. Together Southwark is working to bring churches and Christians together to transform lives and communities together in the Diocese of Southwark, covering South London and parts of Surrey.

We promote mission, ministry and practical action to tackle poverty across South London and East Surrey. We use an Asset Based Community Development approach. This means that we make the most of the skills, talent and resources that are already in our community. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to network, resource and develop the Christian response to poverty, to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people in our area.

Why We Care

A recent Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Joseph Rowntree Foundation and published in November 2015 asked the public to define poverty in the UK; here were their answers:

  • Being in poverty means not having enough to buy food, to pay for housing, light or heat a home (economic poverty)
  • It’s about not having choices and being trapped by your circumstances - a poverty of aspiration, not knowing a different kind of life is possible
  • Like not being able to see friends and family (relational poverty)
  • It’s when you are not represented fairly in the media and your situation is not reflected culturally (cultural/identity poverty)
  • It’s not having social networks and [it] gets worse over time (social poverty)


 CUF also defines poverty as “A web of interlinked factors that together, have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to flourish.” CUF calls it ‘the web of poverty’ and regroups it into three :

  • Poverty of resources
  • Poverty of relationships
  • Poverty of identity

web of poverty