Supporting local projects is a substantial part of what we do at Together Southwark. Below you can find out more about some exisiting projects that we are supporting and learn more about how you might get support. 

This far

BabyTalk Project


This is currently the only parish midwives project in the country. The project is focused on encouraging breastfeeding, nurture and family bonding. It works through St John’s Angell Town and the church school and is involved in connecting with local inter-faith women groups.

The project will now integrate mental health support for mothers who suffer from mild post-natal depression and for mothers and carers who have mild mental health problems and will organise a sign posting system for those with higher mental health needs. This has been made possible by a Partners for Health grant provided by The Saturday Hospital Fund and London Catalyst. If you would like to learn more about the project and/or volunteer, please contact Angie Sheridan, the Parish Midwife at [email protected] .

Lunchbox-Library at St Dunstan's Church, Bellingham

St Dunstan's Church Bellingham run Lunchbox Library in partnership with Elfrida Primary School and the local Co-operative store this summer.  That was made possible thanks to a grant received from the Diocese of Southwark. The project offered a healthy hot lunch and dessert, the team read stories with children and organised bags of fun activities. Children enjoyed making their own healthy pizzas, organising themed activities, including a 'Kids Got Talents', and much more. 

School holidays have long been a challenge for a significant number of our families across the Diocese, who are already trying to keep their heads above water on overstretched budgets.  In the summer holidays Lunchbox Library offers a combination of free healthy lunch and a reading component, in form of children stories in a relaxed setting, to children from families who live on tight budgets. The combination of lunch and reading helps alleviate holiday hunger in the absence of free school meals and prevents children from lagging behind their peers with their reading skills when they go back to school after the long summer holiday. Hence the name Lunchbox-Library. In addition to that it offers loads of fun activities indoors and outdoors to give children a holistic positive experience of summer holidays despite limited financial options

Churches and local partners offer what they can, it can be once or twice a week, throughout the summer or during a number of weeks. Children are actively involved and parents and carers are encouraged to be active participants in Lunchbox Library.   

In 2016

Erith and Thamesmead Debt Centre

The Centre was set up in partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to help people trapped in spiralling debt to become debt free. A group of churches make up the partnership with CAP. These are St Paul’s, Thamesmead (United Congregation CofE, Methodist and URC); Emmanuel Baptist Church, Thamesmead; North Heath Family Church (Non denominational); Belvedere Baptist Church, Welling Methodist Church, Christ Church Erith (CofE) and All Saints Belvedere (CofE).

Funding was provided by a Together Grant from CUF, a grant from Christians Against Poverty(CAP) and Diocesan, Deanery and individual pledges. 

For more information about the project, please contact Ms Kath Andrews, the Centre Manager at [email protected].

Lunchbox-Library at St Michael's Church, Southfields


Lunchbox Library was funded by a CUF-Together Grant and was run by St Michael & St Stephen’s Church, Southfields in partnership with Ronald Ross Primary School and Southmead Centre for Children and Families to help reduce financial pressure experienced by families during school holidays. It addressed summer holiday-related hunger and reading loss. 

The project offered free healthy lunch and the team read stories to children and advised parents/adult carers on how they can support children with reading. That was not all, there were fun games, outdoor play and craft activities to give children a positive experience of a summer holiday despite limited financial options. It was funded by a Together Grant from our partner, CUF.  

For more information, please contact Mrs Teresa Harris at St Michael and St Stephen’s, Southfields.

How to get funding

Part of the role of Together Southwark is to help churches, other faith groups, voluntary and community organisations apply for Together Grants from our partner, CUF. The Together Grant programme is run by CUF and provides them with small grants of up to £5,000 to engage in social action and to support them to initiate or develop community work.  For eligibility, follow this link: Together Grants

How to get support

Nelly is the Development Worker for Together Southwark and is always happy to hear from you about how she might be able to support your project. You can contact Nelly here