What is food poverty and how are the Together Network tackling it?

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In our latest research about food poverty, we found that 1 in 8 adults in Britain worries about being able to afford food. In 2019 food banks reported record highs in the numbers of people using their services, and a staggering three million children were said to be at risk of hunger over the summer holidays.

Here at the Church Urban Fund, we supported over 200 projects helping to tackle food poverty in 2019 through our core programme, the Together Network. We ran holiday-hunger programmes in five different areas of England, feeding thousands of children every summer holiday who otherwise would go hungry without their school meals. To hear more about how one of these projects is changing lives, check out our stories of lives changed by clicking here.

Alongside our holiday hunger work, we support a whole host of other kinds of projects fighting food poverty, including advocacy work addressing the root of the issue. In Lancashire the prominent #DarwenGetsHangry campaign championed a group of girls, food poverty experts by experience, resulting in wide coverage for them at various conferences across the UK and in the media. The girls successfully raised the profile of child poverty and hunger and have grown immensely in confidence.

In Newcastle the Together Network has campaigned for fairness across the school meal system so that children attending from the poorest households are not disadvantaged. So far, their efforts equate to a phenomenal £20,000 per year being redistributed back to families.

We’re working hard to end hunger in England, but there is still so much more to be done. Every penny raised by the Big Pancake Party will help us at the Church Urban Fund to continue our mission – please get involved by registering your party now.