What is food poverty and how are the Together Network tackling it?

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What is food poverty and how are we working to end it?

Our research shows that hunger isn’t just an issue that people in developing countries struggle with, but it is having a huge impact on local communities in this country. Here’s what you need to know:

Food banks: Our research showed that 1 in 50 British adults used a food bank in 2016.

Birthdays: 1 in 10 missed celebrating a special occasion like Christmas or their birthday because they could not afford it.

Skipping meals: 1 in 20 British adults skipped a meal because they could not afford to eat.

Worry: 13% of Britons have worried they would not be able to afford food for themselves of their family.

Food poverty is a serious problem in our country. Although we want the Big Pancake Party to be a lot of fun for everyone involved, it is much more than that.

The money raised by Pancake Parties across the country will be used to make sure families aren’t skipping meals anymore, that people don’t need to use food banks, and that people can celebrate birthdays and holidays.

The difference you make

Here are some examples from around the country of how the work of the Together Network local joint ventures are tackling food poverty and how this work has been able to grow since the Big Pancake Party began in 2017:

Southwark: setting up ‘community fridge’ schemes where communities can access food that would otherwise go to waste.

Leicester: coordinating Make Lunch programmes and breakfast clubs and are offering these programmes in different locations throughout the week.

Bradford: partnerships are being formed across the district to set up more low cost community food outlets; this allows people at risk of food crisis to buy food for themselves and their families, granting them the dignity of shopping for their food.

Holiday-hunger schemes are being rolled out in Middlesbrough, Plymouth, Norfolk, Blackburn, Chester, Bradford and Nottingham.

Walsall: supporting a number of food banks and is currently working to extend the amount of time the food banks are open in order to increase the support on offer to communities.

Register your party today and host your Big Pancake Party to help us end hunger.

Watch a video about one of the Together Network’s joint ventures and their work tackling food poverty here: