So what’s the big idea?

All across this country there are families who struggle to put food on the table; children are going to school hungry and parents are skipping meals so that their kids can eat an evening meal.

We want to continue our work to stop this and so we’re calling on churches, schools, families, and individuals throughout England to stand up to food poverty – and have some fun in the process!

On Shrove Tuesday, join the Big Pancake Party and raise money for the Together Network so that no one has to go hungry this spring.

How’s it going to work?

Instead of a low-key pancake celebration, invite your friends and family to join you and share in the Big Pancake Party!

The idea is simple; get together, eat some pancakes, maybe take a few challenges, have a great time, and raise funds for those in need. We have plenty of ideas for how you can raise money at the Big Pancake Party; simply choose the idea (or ideas!) that work for you and get cooking

Pancake Day can be so much fun, so why not add a dash more fun to the proceedings? Maybe you could add a theme, take a challenge, or decorate the kitchen? We’ve got plenty of ideas or you could get creative and add your own!

Together we can make a difference!

Here are some ways you can eat away at hunger

£3 can help provide lunch for a child at a holiday club during the schools holidays

£9 could help to cover the cost of an emergency food parcel for a family for a day

£25 could help to provide a slow cooker and larder pack for a family struggling to prepare nutritious meals

Your gift will be used to support the work of Church Urban Fund and the Together Network, changing lives and communities together.  

Together we can make a huge differences to the lives of families across the country who are struggling to feed themselves. Find out how the Together Network is already making a difference.

Sign up today to receive your free fundraising pack and book your place at the Big Pancake Party