Funders Presentations from our Meet the Funders Event 2017:

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Meet the Funders Programme 2012 - 2014 Impact Study

A study to determine the impact of the ‘Meet the Funders’ Programme which consists of funding events and workshops from 2012-2014. The full report includes findings from a survey of all the funders who have attended the events.

Key Findings:

  • 64% have applied for funding with a further 14% about to, or in the process
  • There was a total amount of £437,250 funds awarded in this sample, an average of £62,464 per group who reported a success
  • 89% were successful with their funding applications
  • If these figures were applied to all attendees of only the main Meet the Funders annual event in 2014, there would be £3,373,056 raised as a consequence
  • 75% of funders reported that groups had applied to their charity/trust for funding following an event
  • Funders reported an average of 5 groups applying to them for funding per event
  • Funders reported that they had awarded an average of £40,000 to groups per event (funds awarded ranged from £10,000-£150,000)

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