Bethany Eckley, Director of Research and Policy (Bethany is currently on Maternity Leave)

Bethany has over ten years’ experience of working in the public and third sector, having worked with Oxfam, Amnesty International and the Equality and Human Rights Commission before coming to Church Urban Fund in 2012. Her particular passion is understanding how to respond as a Christian and as the Church to the social and economic challenges we’re currently facing in the UK. To understand more about this she is studying Church History at Nottingham University, looking at historic church-based responses to poverty. She is an active member of her local parish church in Tulse Hill, south London alongside her husband Peter. She enjoys all forms of team sports and is currently trying out the latest fad of hot yoga!

Heather Buckingham, Interim Director of Research and Policy

Heather joined CUF in October 2016, having previously been a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham and, prior to that, at the University of Southampton. She is passionate about social justice and the church’s potential to contribute to positive change in the local, national and global communities of which it is a part. She has experience of academic research on faith and social engagement, the third sector, and social policy, as well as of conducting evaluations for charities and faith groups. Her PhD explored organisational change and ethos amongst charities working with homeless people. She enjoys good films, music, and pretty much any excuse to be outdoors, especially walking and cycling.



Elizabeth Bramley, Research and Policy Officer 

Elizabeth joined CUF in early 2016. Prior to this she completed a master’s degree in African Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, and holds a BA in History and Anthropology from the University of Birmingham. When not working Elizabeth enjoys live music, good coffee and has recently taken up cycling!