For many Plymouth is a vibrant, diverse city, the second largest on the south coast. The naval dockyard at Devonport is the largest and most advanced in Western Europe.

Plymouth’s Universities and public sector employers, including health, education and administration contribute hundreds of millions of pounds to the region’s economy.

But it’s a city of contrasts. For example, more people in Plymouth live in privately rented homes than average. A third of these homes, around 30,000 in all, are classed as ‘non-decent’ according to the decent homes standard, with consequences for residents’ health.

It’s this disparity of experience that the Plymouth Fairness Commission has taken a year to research and evaluate. The result is a call for a profound change in the way agencies and communities work together, a new collaboration where communities work with agencies to prioritise and deliver solutions themselves.

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TPT will enable churches and communities respond to the PFC recommendations.