Near Neighbours has created Real People, Honest Talk to bring people together to talk about the tough issues around how we live together well. 

Everyone is welcome to join to this safe space. The discussions will be about issues in local neighbourhoods that people would like to address.

There will be food served at the meetings, so please do join us for a snack and a chat!

Our key objectives are to:

  • Bring people together within local communities by providing opportunities for positive, constructive and personal encounters and interaction between people who live near one another and have different outlooks, cultures, attitudes or beliefs.
  • Facilitate open and honest conversation about issues of concern to everyday people in local communities that could otherwise be difficult to talk about.
  • Create safe spaces in which difficult issues associated with living together well amidst differences in outlook, culture, attitudes and beliefs can be discussed openly and constructively, at city-wide level, and in local communities.
  • Provide a springboard for further conversations, interactions or collaborative action, strengthening local civil society.

Our pilot phase has concluded but there will be more Real People, Honest Talk sessions coming soon - watch this space.