Catalyst gathers together and develops young leaders from different faiths and communities. Through shared learning, discussions and team building exercises, participants discover what it takes to be a young leader in a highly diverse and deprived area. Learn more at the St. Philip's Centre Website.   


Three Faiths Forum

3FF builds understanding and lasting relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs. They run education, engagement and action programmes to bring diverse communities together, involving teachers, students and young professionals, faith organisations, artists and galleries, political leaders in Parliament and upcoming leaders still at university. Find out more at the Three Faiths Forum website.

Christian Muslim Forum

The Christian Muslim Forum builds relationships between Christians and Muslims and shares the news. They aim to create a web of open, honest and committed personal relationships between leading members of both faiths, to encourage active citizenship and to create a shared public platform for working together for the common good. Find out more at the Christian Muslim Forum website.


The Council of Christians and Jews

CCJ works with Christians, Jews and members of other faith communities to encourage engagement in constructive inter-faith dialogue on a wide variety of topics. Find out more at the Council of Christians and Jews website.


Hindu Christian Forum

The HCF works to strengthen relationships of trust, mutual respect and understanding between Hindu and Christian believers at national and local levels. They also develop shared activities, speak out on matters of common concern and work to strengthen a shared contribution to public debate. Find out more at the Hindu Christian Forum website.