Guest Blog by Jeremy Watson

We are delighted to inform you that the Church Shelter will now be opening on Wednesday 6th December.

We are still in the business of recruiting volunteers, so please do point any possible candidates in our direction! There is a lot of information on our website which is at Anyone interested in volunteering can email [email protected] and we will send them a volunteer application form.

Please do start to spread the word, not only about the date, but also about how the ‘system’ of accessing the Shelter is going to work as it has fundamentally changed. The Church Shelter is a fully integrated part of the Pathway of Hope, which is dedicated to the identification and realisation of pathways by which people can progress towards their aspirations, in particular, out of homelessness. As such, all stays in the Church Shelter are viewed as temporary, with progress towards employment and accommodation being considered in terms of an individual’s engagement and progress along their pathway. Guests are required to maintain engagement with those best placed to help them on their individual pathway - our Pathway partners (listed below) - until they no longer need the support that the Church Shelter provides.   

To register onto the Pathway of Hope potential Shelter guests can either go to the existing Pathway meetings on Thursday nights 7pm-8pm at TAB Broad Street church, or from Monday 4th December, any weekday morning from 9.30am-10.30am also at Broad Street. Pathway Mentors will then be able to get them registered and help them as they move forward on their individual journeys towards employment and accommodation.  

The Pathway of Hope partners are the Good Shepherd ministry based at Darlington Street Methodist Church, the Refugee and Migrant Centre (RMC) in Waterloo Road, St George’s Hub in Chapel Ash, P3 Navigator in School Street, Recovery Near You in Pitt Street and the Service Users Involvement Team (SUIT) based at the WVSC at Temple Street. These partners will be able to confirm to our Pathway Mentors that people are engaged with their services.

We have a 12 month run of the Church Shelter secured at its present location in Broad Street and it is our intention that it will remain a permanent part of the solution working towards the eradication of street homelessness in our City. We are extremely grateful to all those who are committed to making this a success and continue to support us.