Universal Credit is the Government's flagship welfare reform. It is a new type of benefit which replaces the system of 6 main out-of-work benefits. The six benefits being replaced by UC are:
Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA), Working Tax Credit, Housing benefit, Income Support, Child Tax Credits and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Roll-out time table

  • 2016 Live service rolled out, full service rolling…
  • 2017 Full service roll out– Universal Credit claims will not be coming in one go, but as and when claimants need to make a new claim for a legacy benefits
  • 2019-22 Managed migration, UC roll out complete.

Wondering where to start? How about UCSavvy resources to help you, your church and community navigate through the system? Please follow this link to sign up https://justfinancefoundation.org.uk/ucsavvy) and download the resources. Together Southwark is available to work with Deaneries, churches and community groups to organise training sessions at grassroots level if it would be more beneficial.