St Bede’s, Toxteth, holds a weekly food market and café with a pastoral focus for local residents. Volunteers ensure the smooth running of the market and spend time talking to our customers.

Conversations often include prayer and healing, as well as an interest in what’s been going on with that person and their family over the last week. The church is set up to encourage prayer and reflection with prayer stations, comfy seating, and candles.

The vision for the second year is two-fold: Firstly, that St Bede’s Community Café and Market will attract more visitors and expand its pastoral and spiritual role. And, secondly, that using the St Bede’s model other churches will be encouraged to set up their own version. With the roll out of Universal Credit there is an urgency to ensuring a network is in place of community markets with a pastoral commitment.

It’s thrilling to open the church to a venture that encompasses the spiritual and physical well-being of the people who come, and, as a result, to witness the development of a revitalised community that revolves around the church.