Latest immigration figures published by the Office for National Statistics today show that more than 10,000 people are waiting longer than six months for the Home Office to make an initial decision on their asylum claim. That’s an increase of 51% on the same period last year. Despite the fact that the number of asylum applications were down by 25%. 

From research by Refugee Action, we know just how hard life is for people while they wait for that decision. They’re not able to work and have to survive on just £5.28 a day. And sometimes even that meagre support is delayed leaving people homeless and destitute.

We can do better for people who come to the UK seeking protection. Can you email your MP now and ask them to speak out for a fairer,  more just asylum system? Starting by ensuring people have a roof over their head and food on the table for themselves and their families, while they wait for a decision on their asylum claim.

These statistics show that change is slow. But together we can keep up the pressure to make sure that change will come. Please email your MP today and make sure next year’s statistics tell a better story for people seeking protection.