You have probably heard of the Northern Powerhouse that George Osbourne suggested to try to get Northern communities recognised and empowered to bring about growth in the economy. In fact there is now a Northern Powerhouse Consortium set up to facilitate that.

Well Together Lancashire felt that we, as Christians, should respond around that with the Northern Prayerhouse. From today the autumn season of the Northern Prayerhouse is open. (For those of you familiar with the moors of the north you will note it is just over a month since the “glorious 12th” and we are not grousing – although some forms of prayer might involve bringing your grouses to God ).

We would really be grateful if colleagues in the Northern dioceses could help us promote the idea and get your churches praying.  (and we wouldn’t really object if southerners join in too).

The Northern Prayer House - 2017

Together Lancashire invites churches across the North of England to take part in series of prayer events and activities with a focus on tackling poverty and deprivation. Prayers will be passed from community to community across the North of England during October and November 2017.

For more information see the Northern Prayerhouse blog.

To put in an expression of interest, email Gillian Beeley at Together Lancashire or telephone 07904 919413 for a chat.