One of the key requirements for a Big Pancake Party is that it’s a lot of fun! Last year definitely lived up to that requirement.

2017 taught us that the best way to add fun to a Pancake Party is to get competitive. Here you will find three of the best pancake competitions we’ve seen so far.

Tip: With each competition you see below, you can raise extra money! Just make sure the competitors pay to enter. The winner gets a small prize and the money raised can be donated.



Here are the three best ideas from 2017

1. Have a Pancake Race: The team at Worcester cathedral led the way with this one. Their amazing effort included strapping a GoPro to a member of clergy and having a pancake flipping race around the cloisters of the cathedral! Could you include a race at your Pancake Party?

(The footage made it onto BBC Breakfast by Ash Wednesday! You can see it here >>)

2. One for the competitive chefs: After Great British Bake Off star, Benjamina Ebuhi got involved last year, things got a little competitive. For your Big Pancake Party in 2018, could you host a competition to find the best pancake design?

3. Flipping fun: Host a pancake flipping contest! This can go one of two ways:

a) Who can complete the most successful flips in a row?

b) Who can complete the highest successful flip? (It may be worth doing this outside, or at least in a room with high ceilings!)

Whatever you do to add a dash of fun to your pancake party, make sure you share it with us using #BigPancakeParty!

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