We are a small team however between us we have over 50 years of experience and knowledge working in the voluntary and community sector.  We have developed extensive networks and wide range of contacts. If you need some help or piece of information if we dont know we will probably know some one who does !  

If you are wanting to know more about your neighbourhood and how to get involved in order to make a difference then we can suggest some ways you could do this however what ever you do needs to work for you.  We have been using a programme called know Your Church Know Your Neighbourhood which celebrates and uses the assets, gifts and skills of your church and neighbourhood in order to help neighbourhoods thrive and flourish.

If you have an idea you want to explore and could do with a listening ear and or "critical friend" we are happy to help.

If the idea is devloping and you need some funding to get it off the ground we can help you look at funding opportunities and complete the application forms.

If its a conversation about getting started and having a go .. great ... get in touch, we wil be happy to come to you or chat to a group, congreagation or meeting.