Issue 3 – Refugees and asylum Seekers


Issue 2 – What’s happening in the wider network


JUne 2016

Letting you know what’s happening

New Banner; New(s) Letter; New ways of letting you know what is going on.

Together Lancashire has been around now for 4 years, in that time it has achieved much – both in networking groups together and addressing the issues surrounding the WEB OF POVERTY that encases some people.

This newsletter

Will be the first of a series to let you know what has happened – sorry if you missed it! And also what is being planned. Keeping in touch with the wider faith community is important, this is just one way – we have others…


If you haven’t already seen it have a look at our website

Here you will find details of what is happening in your part of the area, information about who we are and what we do; as well as some reflections on the nature of the work.


Our Facebook page gives you even more opportunity. This is updated regularly and keeps you all informed about what is being planned; what is being talked about and how you can join in. or just do a search in Facebook for Together Lancashire. Please ‘like’ the page – it will help you keep in touch.


Our Twitter account @TogLancs is there for you to follow – it will help you know what is happening at any one time. You can respond as well with your own Twitter account – why not Follow us to keep in touch?

 The Joys of Networking

Norecambe TownscapeA blog article by Lorna Plura, a member of the Morecambe network. Here she describes the impact that networking had for her,her faith, and the people of Morecambe.


What to watch for!

Child Poverty Conference

A full report from this event will be out soon. Look out for it and see if you can help – or would like a similar event in your area.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

We have Asylum Seekers in Lancashire and will shortly have Refugees. A conference is being planned to help faith groups, and others, help them settle in to the communities.

Northern Prayerhouse

We are planning an exciting series of events in mid-October, to join together parts of the Network around the whole problem of eradicating Food poverty and other forms of poverty. Watch for more details.