International Mother Language Day is on the 21st of February and was announced by UNESCO (General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1999. It is an annual day to promote multilingualism and multi-culturalism.
To celebrate this day we thought it would be nice to translate a phrase that is line with Near Neighbours’ message, so we picked ‘Love your neighbour’ and we have translated it in different languages for you! For some languages we have also provided a phonetic spelling so you can pronounce some of the translations too.

Languages are a great way to connect with people. Whenever I have said ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’ to a person in their language, it has always resulted in a friendly surprise and a smile. So why not try some of these phrases on your friends and neighbours today!

* Welsh: Carwch eich cymydog (Ca-rou-khe eye-ch cuh-muh-dog)

* French: Aimez vos voisins 

* Spanish: Amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo

* Italian: Ama il tuo prossimo

* German: Liebe deinen Nächsten (Lee-beh dine-en nae-sten)

* Russian: Люби своего соседа! (Lubee svo-yego so-seda)

* Ukrainian: Люби свого сусіда (Lubih svogho susida)

* Romanian: Iubeste-ti vecinii!

* Slovakian: Miluj svojich susedov!

* Polish: Kochaj Sasiada Swego

* Mandarin: 敦親睦鄰 (dūn qin mù lín)

* Tagalog: Mahalin mo ang iyong kapwa

* Bangla (Bengali): Āpanār pratibēśīkē bhālobashen

* Urdu: Apne barosiyeo ka daek bal karo

* Igbo: Gosi lkwu na lbe gi ifunaya

* Yoruba: Fi lfe han omo ila ke ji e

* Krio (Creole): Lek u neyba

* Oromo: Ollaakee jaalladhu

* Amharic: Gorobetihin wuded

* Hebrew: ואהבת לרעך כמוך (v'ahavta l'reakha kamokha)

If you have a translation in a language that is not listed here, let us know! Tag us @nearneighbours