Know a charity that helps people through life-changing events? Does it want an MSE Charity grant? Our charity's current funding round is for organisations that support people going through life-changing events such as bereavement or homelessness. It opens on Fri 1 Sep - find out more about the charity and how to apply online at:

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Crisis Grant Guide for Individuals and families - Click HERE

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The Cornwall Community Foundation’s Crisis Fund is available to people in crisis who are urgently in need of a small, one-off amount of money.

These funds can be accessed through charitable organisations throughout Cornwall who hold a pot of funds to distribute to individuals in crisis situations.
Charitable organisations reaching people in Crisis can apply for £250 to distribute small amounts, usually £30 or less to a maximum of £90 when there is a need for immediate help, to alleviate destitution or poverty.
These funds can then be topped up once the balance falls to £50 or less, on the condition a full list of records are kept and sent to us as evidence, these template forms are provided by us.
Owing to limited means no more than four requests a year from the same organisation will be considered except in exceptional circumstances. Grants (or top-ups) are made through organisations or charities.

Examples of grants made to individuals (high priority of support):

  • People who are in danger of becoming homeless
  • People who are currently homeless, destitute and/ or vulnerable
  • People with experience of homelessness attempting to establish or maintain a tenancy
  • Short term accommodation provision for homeless person

If your organisations would like to apply to the Crisis Fund on behalf of an individual, please fill in an application form along with a copy of your constitution/ set of rules to Cornwall Community Foundation, Suite 1, Sheers Barton, Lawhitton, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9NJ

For more information, contact Cornwall Community Foundation on 01566 779333 or

Read the Crisis Fund Guidelines

Read the Crisis Fund Application Form

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