Notes from Feeding Bradford Network Meeting

At the Feeding Bradford meeting on 15th January, the following points were discussed:

- The need for school holiday provision locally
A meeting "Closing the Holiday Gap" has been set up to address this, details here 

- Strategic Feeding Bradford document
This can be found

- Experts by Experience
Discussion about possibly trying different approaches and arenas to engage people, e.g. invite service users

- Data Collection
We know!! Not anybody's favourite pastime, but we need better data. For more info see next article below. 

A more detailed report will be available on our website shortly. 

Notes from Feeding Bradford Network Meeting

16th October 2017, at The Storehouse, 116 Caledonia Street, Bradford

Liz Firth (Wellsprings Together Bradford) was leading this meeting.


Update on Feeding Britain

The network of pilots of Feeding Britain is growing steadily, there are now 13 pilots across the UK. For further information, see the Feeding Britain website on


Feeding Bradford Self-Assessment

The priority for the self-assessment is better mapping, so it is easier to see where provision is needed most and where there are any gaps.

There are 4 areas of work within the Feeding Bradford Self-Assessment:

  • Supporting people in crisis
  • Low-cost food for vulnerable groups
  • Protecting people from hunger
  • Building food security

Here are everyone’s contributions:

Supporting People in Crisis

  • Fuel top-ups
  • Capacity building in the community
  • Street support
    • Service directory
    • List of services in Bradford District
  • More out of hours numbers and language line
  • A directory of services to deal with crisis such as housing, benefits etc
  • Life skills teaching cooking on a budget
  • People who are released from prison with no benefits
  • Children need outside school
  • Food voucher distribution


Supporting People in Crisis - continued

  • More services providing benefit welfare advice with language line
  • Storehouse’s mini-markets
  • Address sanctions and expose quarterly target-driven rhythm to sanctions applied
  • Universal Credit leading to longer term crisis


Building Food Security

  • English courses
  • DHP’s help with rent to secure tenancies
  • Prioritise families with children
  • Following people outside
  • Very limited rights to reside - no access to benefits
  • More communication between foodbanks to exchange stock and work different days to be able to provide more than 3 vouchers in a 3 mth period
  • Counselling services at same site as food provision
  • Simple savings scheme
  • Work related college courses
  • Job club
  • English classes
  • Food education
  • Mental health provision
  • Support for addictions
  • Support for gambling


Protecting People from Hunger

  • Shipley – development of foodbank follow-on sessions
  • New CAP job club about to start
  • Breakfast clubs
  • Lack of access to food on weekend holidays
  • Assisted purchase schedule for white goods incl cookers
  • Intercepted food
  • Fuel top up
  • Lack of awareness of current food provision, i.e. soup kitchens
  • Social media
  • Update on White Rose energy
  • Cook and Eat clubs
  • Council to abolish minimum tax payment for benefit claimants
  • Life skills groups
  • Overcoming stigma attached to asking for food
  • More supermarkets to donate surplus food
  • Food growing projects
  • Voluntary work a pre-condition for receiving benefits (where appropriate)
  • Cooking clubs – cooking with children
  • Default registration for free school meals


Low cost food for Vulnerable Groups

  • Teach cooking on a budget
  • Increased access to fresh fruit and veg
  • Increase numbers of food coops and community shops
  • BOGOF meals for families
  • Decrease promotional advertising
  • After school 2 course meal for families – 50p per meal
  • Children at nursery not engaging as too focused on snack trolley mid-morning and afternoon as are arriving hungry
  • PAYF café Scholemoor Centre Mondays
  • Community food markets at Communityworks Tue 11:30
  • Lunch for older people Thurs 12noon Communityworks
  • PAYF café and shop at RCA (Ravenscliffe community association) – Gateway Centre
  • Need to engage with all those who really need this help. Not just a regular group
  • Life skills group


Faith-based projects

Wellsprings have been given a small CUF grant to get faith-based projects together to talk about how faith impacts and inspires their work.  We will be calling a meeting with both regular and one-off faith-based providers in the near future, and Bishop Toby will be involved this meeting which we hope will be of interest to providers and faith leaders across Bradford.


Update on Holiday Hunger work

In October half term, 4 community-based holiday hunger projects will be operating. This will provide useful research for potential holiday hunger work in the summer holidays.

Some provision was happening during the last summer holiday, and the holiday hunger projects are building on this provision. Matt from Fit & Fed, the Storehouse and FareShare were involved in the provision last summer.  We will be pulling together a meeting of all those interested to discuss moving forward with next year’s provision.


Update on meeting with Sustainable Food Cities

Sustainable Food Cities have set up an awards system for cities that are working in all these areas:

  • Promoting healthy and sustainable food to the public
  • Tackling food poverty, diet-related ill health and access to affordable healthy food
  • Building community food knowledge, skills, resources and projects
  • Promoting a vibrant and diverse sustainable food economy
  • Transforming catering and food procurement
  • Reducing waste and the ecological footprint of the food system

We know of work going on in all these areas, and we are sure you know even more. Public Health along with community partners are keen to pull together an awards application next year to integrate all this work.

For further information, see the Sustainable Food Cities website


Update on Launch of Food Power

Food Power is a project similar to Feeding Britain, focusing on building capacity to deal with food poverty. Food Power and Feeding Britain are working together and in parallel, they are not in competition with each other. For more information on Food Power, see the website

The focus of the End Hunger Campaign is mainly on campaigning and raising awareness.


Update on Bradford Cares and Street Support

Bradford Cares is a forum of organisations and individuals working to reduce rough sleeping and begging in Bradford. The aim is to improve cooperation among local agencies, raise awareness of the issues surrounding begging and empower people to give in positive ways through a new website.

The success of the Street Support website depends on it being populated with details of as many organisations as possible who offer support to those who are vulnerable.

Wellsprings hold information on the services that food providers offer, which is published in the Meal Provision in Bradford booklet. Wellsprings would like to share information on those services who offer food free at the point of access and without referral on the Street Support website, but will not do this without providers’ permission. Food providers will be contacted in the next few weeks regarding this.

You can find the Street Support website here



  • FareShare are currently experiencing lots of requests for food deliveries, more than they can handle with only one van available. Therefore they are re-assessing the process of delivering food and evaluating where the need is greatest. They are currently operating a waiting list for food delivery. Food pick-up form the Storehouse will not be affected.
  • Bradford North Food Bank is opening another food bank at Windhill tomorrow – to operate on Tuesday afternoons – this is because Shipley have found that many of their clients come from Windhill
  • The number of sanctions applied increases considerably towards the end of each quarter. It appears that staff apply lots more sanctions towards the end of the quarter to fulfil some criteria.
  • Cathy is keen to visit and see what you do – please invite her cathy,[email protected]