At Faithfully Ageing Better we know that churches have an important role to play in reducing loneliness and isolation in people aged 50 and over in their communities, and through our Feast of Fun Across the Generations work we have learnt a lot about the benefits of bringing generations together.

In particular we know:

  • Mixing the generations has a positive impact on the loneliness experienced by older people,
  • The positive impact is increased when the older people are helping with children’s activities, and able to use the skills and experience they have to help a younger generation,
  • Helping with inter-generational projects can give older people a sense of purpose and a feeling that they are making a positive contribution to their community,
  • Children appreciate the skills, experience and patience older people have, and enjoy having them participate in activities with them,
  • Creating inter-generational activities can provide an experience of the different generations of family life and can give people a strong sense of belonging.

We have decided to create a small grants fund for churches and associated groups in Middlesbrough to enable them to create more opportunities to bring generations together. We are asking groups to bid for up to £500 each to plan an activity or trip that brings different generations together and allows older people to share their knowledge, skills and experience with others.

So, if your group fancies putting on an event to celebrate a festival or seasonal occasion, for example a pancake party for the community to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, or organising a day-trip, please download our information sheet and application form.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 31st January at midday.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Kate Wells: email: [email protected] tel: 07532 744924