Together Liverpool have been an partner across the region with local authorities and other Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise organisations for the resettlement of asylum seekers, refugees and the Syrian Resettlement programme. This alongside the massive work of providing foodbanks to many communities done by collaborative working between faith organisations has brought up some important issues.

We have systematically tried to provide signposting and links for people to foodbanks, debt counselling and other social outreach programmes and have been encouraging the growth of Places of Welcome to begin to bring people together to grow their skills and encourage them to move forward.

In some areas this has been enhanced by meetings of faith networks of various kinds meeting formally and informally. This seems to have not only stimulated conversations between churches and other faith organisations but also has ‘oiled the wheels’ of new projects and shared local issues that might need some meaningful responses.

We are trying to map these out and provide some stimulus and training to grow collaboration without adding extra burdens but to release new volunteers to grow projects. If you are aware of any meetings that might fit into this bracket or you think it might be a good idea in your area do get in touch with John Davis.