1. Consider volunteering at St Andrews Community Network , Micah Liverpool or another food poverty initiative across the region
  2. Commit to regularly donating food or money to your local foodbank
  3. Pray for those running foodbanks: for continuing donations and that the government to recognise increased Foodbank use as a problem
  4. Share the Your Local Pantry Impact Report with someone who may be interested in starting a food pantry in your area
  5. Sign End Hunger Uk's petition calling on the Uk Government to rethink Universal Credit
  6. Spend time with organisations who work with those experiencing food insecurity– listen to their experiences and context, then seek their advice about how best you can respond
  7. Direct a colleague or organisation concerned about Universal Credit to Together Liverpool’s Universal Credit savvy training course
  8. Support the leaders of your church to develop a domestic abuse action plan, encourage them to regularly raise awareness about domestic abuse through teaching and training
  9. Visit Micah Liverpool’s Monday Community Market and cafe. Can’t go yourself? Tell a friend or neighbour about it.
  10. Listen to the 2018 Micah lecture on 'Resilience and the risk of lopsided justice'


Let us know how you are getting on via social media using: #DoTenThings