A new network has developed out of a gathering of lay and ordained leaders from across the Diocese of Liverpool as they explored how to develop and connect urban and estates ministry across the diocese.  

This was a valuable afternoon, which offered space to listen and celebrate the work of those already engaging in this ministry. Some of the key outcomes from the day include:

  • The recognition that there was a need for a clear strategy for social justice within the context of urban and estate ministry, including the need to formulate a Diocesan Policy for resourcing estates ministry – helping us be a Bigger Church making a Bigger Difference.

  • Identification of areas for future training on topics such as leadership, evangelism, discipleship and partnership working

  • The creation of a Diocese of Liverpool urban and estates ministry network – with Together Liverpool acting as the network voice

Rev. Sandra Doore has agreed to act as co-ordinator for the network, which will re-convene later in the summer.

Contact Sandra Doore for more information.