Annette Smith of Morecambe Bay food bank writes.

I wish to share a day of mixed emotions.

Lancaster had a Royal visit this morning, the atmosphere was exciting, the crowds spirits were high. Lots of people worked hard with all the preparation, setting out all the security, bringing in barriers and the reward was seeing the smiles of all those who came to watch, dispite it being very wet and soggy.

This afternoon at the foodbank, echoed this morning. Cheerful volunteers worked hard preparing food parcels. Shoppers at Asda had donated 300 kg of food today at a store collection ( thank you) to be distributed over the next few weeks. We get to see smiles when people leave, feeling better for having someone to talk to and the ability to put a meal on the table when they get home.

This morning brought tears of joy and pride by onlookers.

This afternoon at the foodbank was full of tears but not for the same reasons as this morning.
We hear so many stories that we cannot repeat and sometimes all you can do is sit down and cry along with those who share them with us.

Today will be a day to remember, not so much for the Royal Visit to Lancaster but for what we heard. Today we cried.

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