Notes from Bradford Food Poverty Network Meeting

9th February 2017, at The Storehouse, 116 Caledonia Street, Bradford


Liz Firth (Wellsprings Together Bradford) was leading this meeting. A number of speakers were presenting on various topics.


Report from Liz Firth – Wellsprings Together Bradford

The updated Meal Provision Leaflet is available now, leaflets can be picked up from the Storehouse or from the Wellsprings office. The Keighley leaflet has recently been reprinted too. A printer-friendly version can be found online, this is updated regularly and can be downloaded from

Following on from the Bradford District Food Poverty Network, a smaller steering group has been formed recently to look at reasons for the need and to coordinate better.

Liz suggested that the Bradford District Food Poverty Network might become part of Feeding Britain, under the name of Feeding Bradford. This is a cross-party group, and as part of this national body we would have more impact and could apply more pressure.

Sarah Possingham (Bradford MDC) explained that Bradford Council recently ran a poverty review, and this showed opportunities as a network. Food Poverty is a big part of poverty, which also includes education, housing and employment.

Long term, it might be possible to employ an additional worker for Feeding Bradford.

Initially, this means mainly changing names. Feeding Bradford would take part in a national pilot scheme. There is a meeting in Coventry coming up to which members will be invited. This will give members the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, of which there is an abundance among the projects in Bradford. Likewise, we would also be able to learn from other networks nationally.

After brief discussion in smaller groups, the majority of people attending voted in favour of this proposal. A meeting has now been organised for 23rd March, details can be found on our website. Tickets can be booked on Eventbrite or by contacting [email protected]

Holiday Provision – Presentation from Matt Fisher – Streetgames

Streetgames is a national charity that was formed about 10 years ago. The aim is to get physical activities to young people in deprived areas, on their doorstep. Although the age range started at 14-24 years old, nobody who wanted to participate has been turned away, but the lower age limit has now been set to 8.

Streetgames currently work with about 60 organisations across Yorkshire. Projects are starting small but can branch out, offering provisions for different age groups, genders etc. Research has highlighted the issue of holiday hunger, also social isolation and learning loss in school holidays. Last summer, Streetgames ran 19 pilots across Yorkshire which included food provision. This year, this campaign is titled “Fit & Fed”, and Streetgames will run pilots in 4 cities in Yorkshire – Bradford, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield. Matt is in touch with Gareth from FareShare Yorkshire, Juli from The Storehouse and Pam from Bradford Council.

The pilot will offer Food & Fitness.

There are possibilities of including cooking activities, for possibly both adults and children, and Streetgames are looking to add “sporty know-how”, such as finding the right provision and eg how to book courts. This will educate participants in both food preparation and sports.

Another project, Springwood, fits into this scheme – they deal with combatting learning loss during the holidays. Last year, there was a pilot with Springwood that Juli from the Storehouse was involved in. This pilot concentrated on feeder primary schools for Hanson School.

Gareth Batty from FareShare Yorkshire had visited Merseyside where a similar project is run. This is branded very loosely as “child’s right to play” and supports community cohesion.

Matt has got expertise in sports, but would like to hear from projects with expertise in other areas, e.g. food provision. He can be contacted on [email protected]


The Real Junk Food Project – Fuel For School – Presentation by Duncan Milwain

TRJFP have been running Saltaire Canteen since 2014, in 2 years they intercepted 50 tonnes of food for just this restaurant, and nationally 1600 tonnes of food.  At TRJFP’s warehouse in Pudsey, a high level of food has been received recently, 400 tonnes in 3 months.

The Fuel for School project started 12 months ago at Richmond Hill primary school in Leeds. Currently, Fuel for School supports 39 schools in Leeds, feeding 12000 children.

A lot of waste bread is being produced, which is used for Fuel for School breakfasts.

Schools pay for the delivery of food, which works out at roughly £2600 per year. Some schools run a food stall in the playground at the end of the school day, at which parents can buy food on a PAYF basis, using an honesty box. At the pilot schools, the food stall pays for the majority of the food delivery cost, making the project sustainable.

At some schools, e.g. Christ Church Primary in Windhill, parents coming to the stall means they engage with the school, and in some cases this is the only engagement those parents have with school.

In 12 months, 80000 breakfasts have been provided at Windhill, and for the very first time, this school received a “Good” from Ofsted, which is in part due to children having a good breakfast and being ready to learn.

Another important point is the education of young people not to accept food waste as “normal”.

The official launch of Fuel for Schools took place at Haworth Primary School 2 weeks ago. Further information can be found on

Food Aid Network Leeds – Dave Paterson

The Food Aid Network runs a data collection, which shows a year-on-year comparison. Work needs to be all round and include debt advisors, lobbying with MPs, also End Hunger UK / Leeds.

There will be a survey coming up shortly – this survey includes questions on how many people are being fed, what the reasons are for them needing food, what the demographics are, etc. Wellsprings will invite people to take part in the near future. Although participation in this survey is not compulsory, it would be very much appreciated. We understand that this is not a very popular exercise, but it is useful to know who is being fed, eg the number of children and the reasons.


Salvation Army Bradford – Paul Devine

Paul introduced himself - he runs the new Salvation Army Day Shelter in Bradford. He has numerous projects planned and asked for suggestions for further projects, one suggestion was e.g. that people using the day shelter can cook their own lunch. For this sort of activity, he would like to partner with projects.

Juli mentioned that she currently has 2 chefs as her guests who might get involved.


NHS Dietitians – Katie Smith

There are changes in prescription for gluten free products - gluten free foods are no longer available on prescription locally, therefore some of our families and communities may be requesting naturally gluten free staple foods.

If you need any further information about gluten free foods, please contact Katie on 01274 783124.


Places of Welcome – Liz Firth

A number of Places of Welcome have been set up around Bradford, and are proving popular. The national logo of Places of Welcome will establish itself better over time, as people are getting more used to it. For further details, see