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Hi! My name’s Angus and I live and work in Shipley. I love Shipley and care deeply that those who are going hungry in the local community are getting the help they need. I’ve worked with people in poverty for most of my working life both in this country and overseas and I’ve seen the devastating impact it has on people’s lives, their happiness and dignity.

Since March 2012, the demand for help from foodbanks has risen by over 100%. This is largely because other means of support have been eroded. As living costs have gone up and job security has decreased, delays in benefit payments are a common occurrence and the use of sanctions has massively increased.

As a Christian, I believe that God calls us to respond to His amazing love by loving our neighbour as ourselves. As I have tried to do this I have very quickly found that hearing the stories of my neighbours (particularly those who find themselves on the very edge of society) motivated me to start to question and then want to challenge the injustices that have helped to push my friends to the margins.

So the call to love is also a call to action. Again as a Christian, I believe God calls me to a life of service and sacrificial love and this means speaking up for those who can’t speak for themselves. For me this is not only the way to promote the common good (the Bible speaks of this as Shalom) but also the way to personal fulfilment. Speak to your local church minister if you want to find out more!
On the 9th and 10th of June I locked myself in a cage in Shipley town centre and went without food as a way of standing with those who find themselves trapped and hungry in their circumstances. For more details of this, check out: http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/15340560.Man_holds_hunger_strike_in_cage_to_highlight_plight_of_foodbank_users/.

I’ve seen poverty in Shipley and been challenged that those in poverty are not the "undeserving poor" but have often found themselves unsupported by the State when in circumstances beyond their control.

So I want to try to change the story and address together with you some of the injustices that have trapped people in the first place. If like me you feel motivated to join in the movement to change people’s stories then please can I encourage you to stand with us to help release those trapped in food poverty?

Here are some things we could all consider doing:

• Donate food to your nearest foodbank. If you don’t know where this is have a look on the Trussell Trust website
• Read the stories of those who have used foodbanks on the Trussell Trust Website
• Visit the End Hunger UK website and write how you would help to end hunger in the UK.
• Find out more about what the “Common Good” looks like and start to talk to our leaders about how to achieve this vision of justice and harmony. Check out the Equality Trust’s website as a starting point.
• Try praying. Prayer is God’s (mysterious and miraculous) way of using us to bring His will and Kingdom into existence. Be careful though- serious prayer may lead to God calling you to take up His cause of fighting injustice and oppression

Together we can change the story!