This last couple of months seems to have had more of a focus on delivering workshops. I have delivered one for a statutory panel in the Bassetlaw district on ‘Signposting Plus,’ with a focus both on homelessness in Bassetlaw and tools for engaging with vulnerable people. I hope to roll this session out to church and voluntary sector groups. I have shadowed a Together Network colleague as he delivered a ‘Cash Smart Credit Savvy’ course, focusing on budgeting and preparing for universal credit and hope to deliver that, perhaps through Bassetlaw CVS and perhaps to a Financial Inclusion panel that Bassetlaw CAB hopes to link me with. This is particularly important in Bassetlaw as it is one of the first areas where universal credit is being rolled out. Beth and I are also looking to promote and deliver ‘Getting to know your community’, throughout Nottinghamshire. This is a two hour course for churches to give them tools for engaging with their local communities.

Beth and I have been mapping social eating provision and provision to fill the ‘holiday gap’ (in terms of food and also isolation) throughout Nottinghamshire and looking for ways to promote more of this. One way is through the small grants offered to churches via the Bishop’s Hospitality fund this year (if you know of a church based project that may qualify for a grant, please let us know!)