Shrove Tuesday is fast approaching on 13th Feb and so, as we approach the big day, we thought we'd share a little extra motivation to help you make your Pancake Party even better! 

Here are 5 ways your Big Pancake Party will make a difference: 

1. Holiday Clubs: Our Network supports holiday clubs up and down the country. They help families cover the gaps during the school summer holidays when school no longer provide free meals. These holiday clubs offer healthy food and free childcare. It makes all the difference for families on tight budgets.

2. Community Fridges: In Lancashire we are working on a new trend on tackling food poverty. Community fridges provide an accessible place for unwanted food to be shared with others in the community.

3. Policy: We have worked with Parliament to offer oral evidence to enquiries into food poverty. We have also produced a report that looks at the extent of food poverty in England. Through this work and more, we are shaping conversation about food insecurity in this country.

4. Food poverty workers: In Bradford and Cornwall we have invested in development workers whose role is to tackle food poverty in their areas. The Together Network works by responding to local needs and in Cornwall and Bradford, these food poverty workers are exactly the right response.

5. Growth: Since the Big Pancake Party in 2017, our work on food poverty has grown and gotten bigger and better. The money you raise will help us keep that momentum going. Your money will be invested in an area of real growth.

So, know this: the money you raise will change lives in England.

If you haven't register your Big Pancake Party, make sure you do so here.