Near Neighbours

About Us

  • Take part in the Great Get Together

    All across the country people are joining together to take part in the Great Get Together. This is a national street party being organised by the Jo Cox Foundation in honour of Jo Cox.

    Could you host a Great Get Together where you live?

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  • Near Neighbours Small Grants

    Grants offer funding for local groups who are working to bring together neighbours to develop relationships and to improve their communities. Read more

  • Starting Your Own Project

    Want to start a project that will strengthen your community?

    Find everything you need to know here.

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  • Faithful Friends

    Friendships are wonderful gifts that we can decide to develop. Friendships that build bridges between people different faiths and ethnicities are really good for us as individuals, enriching our lives, challenging our stereotypes and broadening our imagination. Read more

  • Catalyst

    Catalyst is an exciting, inspirational, and free programme for young people.

    It is aimed at developing creative leaders to act as positive role models in neighbourhoods and communities.

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  • Evaluation

    Near Neighbours has undergone evaluation, both independent and internal, to assess the impact of our work. Read more

  • Partners

    We are linked with a number of national partners across the programme who are providing expertise through their focused work. Read more