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"The inspiring work of Near Neighbours has enabled local communities across the country to work and live together effectively" - Archbishop Justin Welby 

The Near Neighbours programme offers small grants between £250 and £5,000, as seed funding for local groups and organisations who are working to bring together neighbours, to develop relationships across diverse faiths and ethnicities in order to improve their communities.

Grants have offered funding to a broad range of work; environmental, social, cultural, artistic, and sporting, that furthers the programme’s aims of encouraging social interaction and social action.

Grants Criteria and Guidance

Our grants include the following criteria. Projects should:

  • Bring together peoples of two or more different faiths and/or ethnicities, to build friendships and develop relationships of trust.
  • Work locally. We want to see people who are living very locally (i.e. in the same street, estate or neighbourhood) come together.
  • Work sustainably. We want to see long term and natural relationships grow, that will last beyond the period of funding.
  • Work to improve the community. We want to see people working to make their communities a better place to live.
  • Involve diverse people in planning and implementation. People from more than one faith group and/or ethnicity are involved in planning and implementing the proposal.

Our Grants Criteria and Guidance explain the full criteria in detail, as well as what we won’t fund and what we prioritise. 

We aim to make a decision on all grant applications within 14 days of receiving all the necessary information. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis between now and Friday 17 November 2017.

If you would like advice on developing your project idea, we have resources on planning, marketing, fundraising, safeguarding, and working with volunteers here.


Eligible Areas


To apply for one of our grants, please do the following:

  • Check that your ideas fit our criteria and is in one of our eligible areas.
  • Speak with your local Near Neighbours Coordinator about your idea. They are in place to support you and help you apply. Contact details can be found here.
  • Start the application form. This is available from your local Coordinator and on our website.
  • Your local Coordinator will put you in touch with your local Church of England vicar, who can act in an advisory role in support of your application.
  • Return your application to your local Near Neighbours Coordinator, along with an optional Equal Opportunities Form. They will review it locally and may offer you recommendations, before forwarding it to our central office for final assessment.
  • Your application will be assessed centrally. We will aim to make a decision within 14 days of receiving all information relevant to your application.

For general enquiries, please contact [email protected]