Funding and support for community groups

Since 2011 Near Neighbours has been working across the country to challenge the idea that our differences should divide us.

Through our network of local coordinators and national partners, we encourage community groups to take the initiative and set up a project that has the potential to bring people of diverse backgrounds together and to transform their community.

Our local coordinators offer guidance to local community projects, they make introductions to others in the community and they ensure a project is ready to go.  Once a project looks like it is ready to go Near Neighbours will provide funding to groups to get it off the ground.


Leadership training

As well as providing support for local projects in this way, Near Neighbours also provides leadership training to young people that are looking to become leaders in their communities. This training comes in the form of the Catalyst Leadership Programme.

Catalyst brings together young people from the community, trains them up with all the skills, knowledge, and relationships they’ll need to enable them to become active leaders in their communities.