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What Is The Just Finance Foundation?

Our work helps people find ways out of financial distress by building their financial capability and providing relevant support and signposting to self-help and services, whilst at the same time acting to influence and reshape national and local structures and systems so that they better reflect the needs and interests of low-income households.

Our response is guided by four main aims:

  • Financial services: to increase the supply of fair and affordable finance and financial services, particularly for low-income households
  • Capability and access: to build people's motivation, expertise, and access to fair financial services
  • Future generations: to equip future generations to manage their money wisely
  • Local communities: to develop fair financial systems in local communities

Just Finance teams have developed innovative responses that build financial capability and improve uptake of relevant financial services, for example by improving access to credit unions and raising awareness of debt advice and budgeting support.

Specific programmes:


Our financial capability programme for primary schools, adopts an innovative and sustainable approach to building skills and confidence in managing money amongst children at an early age. This is a vital contribution given the growing evidence that attitudes and habits to money are already being formed by the age of seven.

Cash Smart Credit Savvy

Is a short course that aims to improve the financial well-being of working age adults by increasing confidence and skills in making informed choices about money.

It covers five main topics:

  • Savvy spending.
  • Building a budget.
  • Credit and loans.
  • Debt.
  • Savings.

How To Get Involved

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