With a wide network of churches and organisations TMC is in an ideal position to mobilise resources and direct them towards identified needs.  We often deal with queries from people who want to donate a wide variety of resources that will directly help people in need.
Below is a list of our partner projects with the resources they need.

Middlesbrough Foodbank – donations of non-perishable food, please see list of items required Middlesbrough Foodbank

Redcar Foodbank - donations of non-perishable food, please see list of items required Redcar Area Foodbank

Footprints in the Community –baby clothes and equipment First Steps 

Methodist Asylum Project – clothing, bedding, household goods and furniture Methodist Asylum Project

School Uniforms – for children in families seeking asylum Methodist Asylum Project

Open Door North East –food, toiletries etc Open Door North East

John Paul Centre –food, clothing, toiletries John Paul Centre

St Vincent  Depaul –furniture and household goods St Vincent Depaul

FRADE - furniture and household goods FRADE

Acts 435

We also partner with Acts 435, a Christian charity that matches donations directly to people in need, you can find out more about how to offer support here.

Acts 435 need more people and more churches to become involved, they especially need more people to be advocates. The advocates meet with people who need money, and put their requests on the Acts 435 website. Advocates will be given training and ongoing support. The amount of time that advocates need to give will vary according to the church and the needs of the area, and can be flexible.  You can find out more here Advocates



At Christmas local projects are often looking for additional donations to ensure the people they work with can enjoy some festive food and a small gift.  Please remember that it can take time for donations to be sorted and distributed, so donations need to come in by early December, get in touch if you would like to help in this way contact us.