Resources on Food Poverty

Cooking on a Budget

More and more people in the UK are faced with a daily struggle to make ends meet. Testimonies abound of parents skipping meals so that their children can have enough to eat. 

The below resources do not replace Cooking on a Budget training sessions usually delivered in communities but are rather an additional resource. The mutual aim is to make every pound go further in order to help reduce pressure on already stretched family budgets. 

Tips and recipes for nutritious, tasty meals on a budget

BBC Food - Budget Menu

NHS Livewell Eat4Cheap

Skint Dad

Bags of Taste


Resources on Fuel Poverty

Citizens Advice gas and electricity price comparison website is a trustworthy way to compare prices and switch to lower cost suppliers. If you have limited internet access you can phone the Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 040506. They will send you a factsheet with the deals available in your area. Do not worry in both cases if you have never heard of the company that comes out best: Ofgem has a safety net to move you to a new supplier without interruption in the unlikely event that a supplier goes out of business; but at the same time it would not be sensible to build up a lot of credit with an unknown company. 

Another useful source of information on how to save energy and get help if you are struggling to pay your energy bills is the Energy Saving Trust

If you are particularly interested in green energy, you may want to visit Good Energy , Ecotricity and Green Energy