St Dunstan's Church Bellingham run Lunchbox Library in partnership with Elfrida Primary School and the local Co-operative store this summer.  That was made possible thanks to a grant received from the Diocese of Southwark. The project offered a healthy hot lunch and dessert, the team read stories with children and organised bags of fun activities. Children enjoyed making their own healthy pizzas, organising themed activities, including a 'Kids Got Talents', and much more. 

School holidays have long been a challenge for a significant number of our families across the Diocese, who are already trying to keep their heads above water on overstretched budgets.  In the summer holidays Lunchbox Library offers a combination of free healthy lunch and a reading component, in form of children stories in a relaxed setting, to children from families who live on tight budgets. The combination of lunch and reading helps alleviate holiday hunger in the absence of free school meals and prevents children from lagging behind their peers with their reading skills when they go back to school after the long summer holiday. Hence the name Lunchbox-Library. In addition to that it offers loads of fun activities indoors and outdoors to give children a holistic positive experience of summer holidays despite limited financial options

Churches and local partners offer what they can, it can be once or twice a week, throughout the summer or during a number of weeks. Children are actively involved and parents and carers are encouraged to be active participants in Lunchbox Library.