Faith Action Nottingham  

Members of FAN run formalised church based social action projects around Nottingham City. We have been meeting since 2010 and are constantly growing as new projects start or connect with us.

At the moment our members include the Arches project, Grace church, Heart Nottingham, Bestwood and Bulwell foodbank, Hope Nottingham, Street Pastors, the Salvation Army Nottingham, Jericho Road project, Nottingham Winter Shelter, Nottingham Arimathea Trust, the Friary, Kings Money Advice, the Rainbow Project and Hope Into Action.

The aim of the group is to build relationships in order to work better alongside each other, to grapple with issues that affect us all and look at how we can tackle them together and also to support other churches who are wanting to grow what they do in their community. Over the last 8 years, our working relationships have improved dramatically alongside positive relationships with the City Council and other service providers.

Nottingham Free Meals Network

Did you know free meals are available every day and night of the week around our city? If you are passionate about feeding and supporting rough sleepers, take a look at this timetable to see places where you could serve. Rather than starting a new soup run, why not join one already running?

Nottingham City Free Meals Timetable

Mansfield Homelessness Network    

Group members all run formalised services for the homeless in Mansfield. As a group we are trying to work together to raise the profile of what we do in the town, encourage each other, share information and look at gaps in provision that arise  and think about how these could be addressed.

We would love to hear from anyone who is running a service, or thinking about starting one, and not yet part of this group.


Faith Action Mansfield & Ashfield            

A group has just started meeting in Mansfield and Ashfield for Christians involved in leading social action and community work in the area. The hope is that this group will grow to include everyone who would like to be there with the aim of building relationship, sharing resources, ideas and supporting further growth in this area. We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in joining us!