Hungry for Change

Church Urban Fund's Lent Course 2018

Food poverty has become one of the most obvious signs of disparity in our society in recent years. It has become an injustice, a failure of generosity and distribution. But is it a product of wrong human choices or a lack of God's provision? These are the sorts of questions and debate you can expect from this five week course.    

Ultimately, our hope is that this course will remove silence and stigma, create awareness and understanding and galvanise you to action.

We hope it will be useful to you, whether you are an individual or home group looking for a Lent Course or a church leader preparing sermons for Lent. Our prayer is that you find something useful here to help build your ministry and impact lives for good. 



All Age Worship Resource

As well as the Lent Course, we have also produced this All Age Worship Resource.

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Author Biography

Ordained in 1998, Brunel James looks after three parishes in a traditional industrial area of West Yorkshire where food poverty is an everyday issue. Brunel chairs the CUF fundraising committee, and hopes to encourage as many people as possible to understand and respond to the issues around food poverty without stigmatising those experiencing it.

Raised in the countryside, Brunel had his first experience of urban ministry working in the Small Heath Area of Birmingham, which has since become famous as the home turf of the BBC’s ‘Peaky Blinders’. Another formative experience was working with the Rev Paul Hackwood (now CUF Executive Director) in the Thornbury area of Bradford, to build a new church and establish a community centre offering an unusually wide range of responses to local needs.

Brunel is married to Beki, a Consultant in Paediatric Haematology, who looks after children from across the Yorkshire Region at Leeds Children’s Hospital. They have three school-age children.