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Inquiry Into Intergenerational Connection: Evidence Submission

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In Summer 2018, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Integration launched an inquiry into intergenerational connection, the ways in which different generations and ages interact. This paper presents our written response to the inquiry.

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In it, we highlight the ways that relationships between generations have changed over the years and some suggestions for why this is, for example:

  • The closure of community spaces
  • The pervasiveness of technology and social media
  • The combined impact of the Brexit vote, student loans, and the discrepancy between average house prices and wages

We also offer our view of some of the barriers to different generations sharing meaningful connection in today’s society, including:

  • Economic pressures on households
  • Greater emphasis on personal identity than on relationships

We provide examples of some of our own projects which have been successful in strengthening ties between the generations, for example our ‘Places of Welcome’ initiative, and explore the role that intergenerational connection can play in enhancing economic justice between the generations.

Finally we suggest some of the ways that Government (at a national and local level), can support and promote intergenerational connection, for example by adopting a ‘relational-by-design’ approach to policy.