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Impact Report 2017

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Our Impact Report tells the story of the difference Church Urban Fund is making in the lives of people and communities all over England. It shows how the Together Network, Near Neighbours, and Just Finance Foundation are working collaboratively to catalyse social action and deliver positive social change.

Through the Together Network, we equip churches to engage with social issues in their communities, encouraging them to work in partnership with others as they do so. In 2017 the Network provided support to over 687 social action projects, and more than 19,000 people took part in its training, learning, and networking events, a 71% increase on the previous year.

In 2017 the Near Neighbours programme brought more than 92,992 people together from across different religious and ethnic groups through community-run projects and leadership training. 93% of participants in projects funded by Near Neighbours small grants said they understand people in their community who are from different religions or ethnic groups better because of the project.

Just Finance Foundation works to build people’s financial capability and increase the supply of fairer, accessible financial services. More than 14,600 primary school pupils are learning to manage money wisely through its LifeSavers financial education programme. Meanwhile the Just Finance team played an instrumental role in the creation of a new credit union, and in a merger that prevented more than 1,100 local residents in some of the most deprived communities in the area from losing vital services.