We partner nationally with the Just Finance Foundation, which works through churches and other community groups, to increase the supply of fair and affordable finance and to empower low-income consumers by building their financial capability.



1) Basic Budgeting Courses 

We have worked with Just Fiance, Together Network colleagues and Trent Vineyard to produce these resources which help to empower people to budget.

We run free half day Training the Trainer sessions which equip people to deliver Cash Smart: Credit Savvy courses, or to be a Budgeting Buddy.

If you would like people from your church, group or organisation to be trained, please email us

What is Cash Smart Credit Savvy?

  • Cash Smart Credit Savvy is an informal, interactive course that is ideal as an early intervention. 
  • People get the idea about some basics of money and finance and also find out about tools they can either use themselves in the future (e.g. budgeting tools) or ones that they can help others to use (e.g. if they were in a foodbank or somewhere and speaking with people wanting a bit of help)  

There are 5 sections in the full course: 

  1. Savvy Spending  
  2. Building a Budget 
  3. Credit & Loans 
  4. Debt 
  5. Saving 

The Key Principles are: 

  • Anonymous: We use case studies, so people don't have to talk about their finances
  • Non judgemental: The course aims to empower people so that they control their money and can spend it on whatever is important to them
  • Not giving advice
  • Collaborative / co-learning: participants contribute their own ideas. Courses are facilitated not taught.
  • Informal: chat is welcome and often the best learning comes from sharing ideas and going off topic

For more information, visit https://justfinancefoundation.org.uk/cscs/trainers

2) Raising awareness about Universal Credit

UCSavvy is a new initiative from Just Finance Foundation and Just Finance Black Country. 

We have listened to claimants and agencies that work with them, and  heard their worries about the complexity of the UC application process.  In response, we have quickly developed this short course, to get help to people as UC rolls out.  We know that there will be scope to improve and refine it in the light of your feedback as you use it.

UC Savvy is a short course that can be delivered  in under an hour, either to claimants (the grassroots version) or to those who support them in churches, drop-ins and other charities working with people on benefits (the organisation version).    It is designed to help people understand and negotiate some of the complexities of Universal Credit .  It is not designed to enable you to give advice but will help with understanding and with signposting to advice.  The course resources contain a set of slides and printable leaflets for people to take away.

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Hill

Sign up to access Just Finance Foundations’s UCSavvy course free of charge

3) Universal Credit in Wolverhampton

We are working with City of Wolverhampton Council and partners across the City to deliver Universal Credit and Personal Budgeting training to people due to switch to Universal Credit.

4) Debt Advice:

We work promote the work of two great national charities:

Community Money Advice and Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to increase the amount of free debt advice and budgeting support across our area.

This summary by our Just Finance London colleagues unpacks some of the differences between the different approaches - www.capitalmass.org.uk/just-finance/how-can-i-respond/debt-advice

Please get in touch to know more

5) Equipping churches to talk about money

We supported our partners, Lichfield Diocese to run the "God and the Money Lenders" day, which explored how we handle money. Whether we like it or not, money is central to living full and contented lives, and is therefore a core concern of the Church’s mission at the heart of vibrant and caring communities.

The Selwyn Study day was led by the Centre for Theology and Community, and explored the theology of money/debt and the role of the local church.

We were joined by colleagues from Christians Against Poverty, Community money Advice, Ablewell Advice and local Credit Unions. More details of these organisations and other resources can be found in the handout, which you can download here.

Please get in touch if you'd like us to run one in your church