The Just Finance Foundation (JFF) oversees and continues the programmes previously initiated by the Archbishops’ Task Group on Responsible Credit and Savings in partnership with the Church Urban Fund. The Just Finance Foundation, now managed by the Church Urban Fund, has three key areas of work:

-  Promoting saving though the LifeSavers programme working primarily in schools.

-  Through the Just Finance Network (JFN), building money skills, increasing the quality of low-cost credit where people need small loans and offering specific support for those in crisis .

- Encouraging a wider debate about money and its place in our lives, building on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s concerns about the responsible use of money.

Just Finance Network

The Just Finance Network, building on the successful pilot of the Credit Champions Network, is all about building financially healthy communities and individuals by:

  • Helping to grow a more visible and effective community finance and money advice sector so that everyone has access to fair and affordable finance and free advice.
  • Increasing financial capability so that we all have the knowledge and skills to  make good decisions about money.



The Just Finance Network will employ development workers to work with local churches, and in partnership with local organisations, so that they have the awareness, confidence and motivation to address money, debt and credit issues in their communities.

One of two main initiatives to come from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Task Group on Responsible Credit and Savings, it has already been piloted in London and Liverpool where it has generated an estimated £2.2m in social value. Now funding is being sought for a national-roll-out which will allow help to be offered to over half a million people across the country.

The Together Network provides the national infrastructure the project needs in order to unlock the resources of local churches to be used to improve financial resilience in their neighbourhoods.  It also represents the perfect means of mobilising those who are active in supporting their community and ensuring proper accountability for the programme’s delivery.

Visit the Just Finance Foundation to find out more information.


With funding from the Money Advice Service we are now piloting CashSmartCreditSavvy, a short community based course aimed at improving money skills including; building a basic budget, understanding credit, building a savings buffer and savvy spending. At the end of the pilot we hope to be able to share the course more widely. In the meantime contact [email protected] for more information.


Developing the habit of saving regularly can help prevent people from getting stuck in a cycle of debt. LifeSavers is a national financial education programme for primary schools that helps children develop the attitudes and skills to manage their money well now and in the future.  Delivered by Young Enterprise, in partnership with the Church of England and CUF, the three core elements of LifeSavers are: savings clubs where children are encouraged to regularly  save small amounts; values based financial education resources; and a whole community approach connecting with parents and teachers.

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