TMC has a growing network of Champions, these are people in local churches and organisations who support our work and help by raising awareness and support for local needs and priorities. 

As a Together Network champion, you will be at the forefront of awareness raising, telling the story of Christian love in action at a local level. With the backing of our resources and personal support in your area, you will be part of a network of strategic volunteers who share a passion to see some of the poorest communities in our nation elevated from poverty.

Christ Church, Great Ayton

It has always been our philosophy  that we are privileged to live in a wealthier part of the world, and part of that privilege is in being able to support others financially. The support we have given to many Charities over the years is an important part of our life as a Church, and this comes through various means from Appeals, Events, Occasional Offices and direct giving from the PCC budget. Give and you shall receive – very true words.

Needs aren’t just in foreign fields, but many nearer to home.   The Congregation in Christ Church sees, first hand, the very difficult situation that exists for our neighbours in Middlesbrough and Cleveland and feel blessed that we are in a position to help.  We chose Together Middlesbrough and Cleveland to support as it is local, efficient and accountable.  We know some of the people involved, like Heather Black, and appreciate the way that this organization is able to bring together support from different sources and focus on specific needs.  It is good for us to support and encourage what is happening on the ground not many miles away from where we are.  We also have the link through our regular collections for the Foodbank.

Mark Sutcliffe is PCC Treasurer at St Cuthbert's, Kildale and TMC Champion

Returning to work after the Christmas holidays, with the nights only just drawing out and the news full of foreboding for 2017, it’s very easy to feel gloomy about the state of the world. And yet there is a great deal to feel positive about, when we look at how people are coming together to support each other and carry through new initiatives. Together Middlesbrough and Cleveland is a fantastic example of how different denominations and faiths, or none, can come together in a common goal – to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community, and particularly those who are marginalised or vulnerable. A partnership between the Diocese of York and the Church Urban Fund, this is faith in action: it’s not about preaching or encouraging people to attend church – it’s about making a practical difference to people’s lives by bringing communities, organisations and individuals together.

As a ‘champion’, I hope to encourage the participation of others in my community and to spread the word about the great things TM&C is doing.

When I was asked by John Hinman, a trustee of TM&C, to be one of their ‘champions’– someone who could be a link with the rural community in which I live – I jumped at the chance because I’ve always felt that there is a ‘disconnect’ between urban and rural life in the North-East. Hambleton was recently listed as the fifth best place in the country to live (for ‘best’ one can essentially read ‘prosperous’), whereas Middlesbrough, only a few miles away, often finds itself towards the bottom of such surveys. As villages and towns, we can become strangely ‘patriotic’, proud of our own patch but seemingly indifferent to our near-neighbours who are facing much greater challenges. If TM&C can create a bridge between us, as I believe it can, that can only be a good thing. As a ‘champion’, I hope to encourage the participation of others in my community (particularly through local churches, church schools etc), and to spread the word about the great things TM&C is doing.

Mark Sutcliffe, January 2017

If you would like to find out more about the TMC Champions Network please contact us.