More and more people in the UK are struggling with money and debt. 600,000 families are spending more on repaying debts than on food. One in four adults have less than £500 saved to cover an emergency. Nearly 9 million adults are over-indebted but only 1 in 6 are currently seeking help.

The impact of financial distress can be devastating, creating stress and anxiety, hardship and hopelessness. Relationships, family life and mental health suffer as people become stuck in
a spiral of debt and end up spending more of their income on paying back loans. Without advice or alternative sources of support, people become vulnerable to loan sharks and pay-day lenders.

In 2016 the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Mustard Seed Appeal was set up to respond to this desperate need and to launch the Just Finance Foundation. 

Fairer Finance

Archbishop Justin's vision for a fairer financial system planted the seed of an idea that, with your help, has the potential to grow into a nationwide movement that changes lives. We're inspired by the parable Jesus told where a tiny seed grows into something big. Your donation is helping to sow seeds of hope.

The money that is raised through the Mustard Seed Appeal will help to fund the Just Finance Foundation's two streams of work. 


Our impact so far

This short film describes some of the ways in which we’ve already started to change lives. Imagine the difference we could make if these networks were extended across England!

To find out more visit the Just Finance Foundation website.

Download Mustard Seed FAQs

If you have a question about the Mustard Seed Appeal our FAQs are a good place to start. Find out about why we work with credit unions, the Archbishop of Canterbury's vision for a fair financial system and how we work with other organisations.