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Schools offer a unique opportunity for learning. At Church Urban Fund (CUF), we want to support schools as they teach their students about the communities around them.

Partnering with CUF at your school will offer students an opportunity to learn more about the communities around them as we move through the church calendar each year. Students will be given the chance to engage with, learn about, and offer support to those who are struggling with food poverty through the Big Pancake Party on Shrove Tuesday, debt and financial difficulty through the Mustard Seed Appeal at Harvest, and homelessness and marginalisation through the Advent Sleepout Challenge in the run up to Christmas.

As well as these annual events, partnering with CUF offers the opportunity for students to learn about British values such as social justice, liberty, and respect for those of different faiths.

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Social Justice: CUF’s Together Network is committed to providing justice in England’s communities through supporting the social action work of churches and local communities

Liberty: CUF’s Just Finance Foundation is working to improve financial literacy for everyone in our country so that money is no longer our master, rather we are the master of our money.

Respect for those of different faiths: CUF’s Near Neighbours programme works to create stronger communities in areas of diversity through encouraging social action work to take place to improve neighbourhoods.

If you'd like to support CUF through your school, get in touch with Trudy at [email protected] or 0207 898 1647.

Case Study

Find out what it's like to partner with CUF.

Case Study

We've really enjoyed working alongside schools to teach them about the work we are doing; allowing them the opportunity to support those in the communities around them; and showing them exactly how their money has helped.

Bishop Wand school in Upper Halliford decided to support CUF for three years. They hosted seasonal fundraising activities, had lots of fun raising money, and were able to see how they'd made a difference. Their fantastic work has led to them raising over £13,000 to support communities across the country.

Moya is the chaplain at Bishop Wand school, this is what she had to say about working with CUF,

"At Bishop Wand Church of England School we have thoroughly enjoyed supporting CUF as our school charity for three years. It has been a joy and a great learning experience for our school to raise money and also learn about the great work the charity supports throughout the England."

Our Resources

Find resources that cover Lent, Harvest, and Advent.

We have numerous resources that are available for you to use. You can find:

  • Assembly/Classroom Plans on our Big Pancake Party Resources Page
  • Fundraising and Activity tips on our Mustard Seed Appeal Resources Page
  • A Youth Resource and reflections on our Advent Sleepout Challenge Resource Page

As well as this, there is video material to support each area of our work on our YouTube channel.