CUF Church Partnership

We seek to live out the Gospels teaching to love our neighbour and to use our gifts to inspire churches to help us transform lives!

Together we can make a difference to some of the most vulnerable and those living with inequality.

Often churches want to help but don’t know how. They are aware of the growing needs of the homeless, the lonely, the refugee, those living with food poverty and many other vulnerable groups but are not always aware of how best to help. We offer churches an opportunity to support our amazing work by becoming a CUF Church Partner.

Partner with us and help us reach the areas in England that your church can’t reach.

When you partner with CUF we will send you:

  • An annual Certificate of Honour, detailing your church’s impact in the community
  • A Fundraising pack which includes annual fundraising resources such as posters, congregational gift-aid envelopes and prayer diaries
  • We will send you a passionate speaker, to give your congregation an inspiring talk
  • We will send you regular updates about our work

If you are interested please email Rhea [email protected] or call 020 7898 1452