Become a Volunteer

Volunteering your time and skills is good for everyone. By getting involved you can help individuals and communities - including you - to flourish and enjoy life in its fullness.

Many churches and organisations across the country rely on voluntary help to make their work possible. Making tea, being a good listener, giving debt advice, gardening, helping with fundraising, driving people to hospital, acting as trustees - wherever you live, there will be things that you can do to get involved.

Explore How You Can Get Involved

To find out about the work of different churches and organisations and how you may be able to help, click on the links below. Just remember that if you don’t find anything listed in your area, it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. It’s also worth getting in touch with your local volunteer centre or looking online at Do-it.

For more information on opportunities to volunteer, please ask us about opportunities to get involved.

For resources and guidance on working with volunteers, follow this link