We are keen to develop a network of TLT ambassadors in every corner of the diocese

Ambassadors are representatives and supporters of the aims and work of TLT in the local church. Without the help and commitment of ambassadors

We could not reach the hundreds of church communities in the diocese and without their local knowledge and expertise we may miss many God 

given opportunities.

What do you get as an Ambassador?

As a valued member of the Ambassador Network we will enable you to help your church to make a real difference.

You will:

  • receive regular updates about our work by text or email
  • be invited to special briefings and exclusive events
  • feedback to us the needs in your area and be our eyes and ears

What next?

If you have a passion for the local church making a difference then please contact us and invite us to meet with you.

There are currently two workers , one for each deanery.

Kath Leigh, Lead Community Builder,  responsible for the Archdeaconry of Macclesfield

[email protected] 

Wendy Robertson, Community Builder, responsible for the Archdeaconry of Chester

[email protected]

We are eager to meet with you, hear what you are doing currently and also what you think may be possible in the future.

We believe that God has placed the talents, gifts and assets to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged of our communities right here, in His church.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more